Last Sunday 11th June Nike organised the first one of its two season ending events.  As states in the title, it was called Madrid Fast Forward and basically consisted on running, on running fast.  Actually, we have spend the last month tuning our speed at our weekly NRC sessions to arrive strong to this event.  It was what it called #DaretobeFast.  More info: Dare to be Fast

The event was hold at the clay track located on the sports facilities of Complutense University.  It was schedule to begin at 10:30, but, as usual, we were warned to be at least 15 minutes before, to proceed with the check-in process.  It normally consist on check your name in the iPad list, take the pace bracelet and let all your stuff.  In this case, instead of the traditionally paper made pace bracelet, we have fabric bracelet to divide us into 4 groups.  I’ll detailed this a bit more.  In addition we’ve got the chance to try the new running shoes Pegasus 34 in the trials area.  More about the Pegasus 34 in my previous post:  Pegasus 34 Review

Once done, we’d to go to specifically designated area.  There we were divided according our colour of the bracelet.  As I previously said, there were 4 main groups: team black, grey, purple and red.  I was in team grey which was lead by our beloved Olga.  The reason to be divided in these four groups were that there were 4 events: 1000 m, running technique, 100 m and 300 m.  For each one, we were divided again into 2 or 4 groups, depending the event, and this new division race pace were taken into account.  In strongly believe, this was a extremely good decision, because we could ran each event at our top speed and have enough time to rest between event and event.  Moreover, as it was scorching [according to AEMET (Spanish weather institution) we reach over 35º C], we also have enough time to refresh with water between events.

After 4 or 5 laps warming up and some mobility exercises, we started the main course.  My group did the 300 m first, then the 1000 m, after that the running technique, finishing with the 100m.

Once we finished the four events, we were divided into group of 8, to run a relay in this order: 300 m – 150 m – 100 m – 50 m – 300 m – 150 m – 100 m – 50 m.  Although I prefer doing the 150 m, because is the best distance for me to maintain my top speed, I did the fist 300 m.  I knew we weren’t the fastest group, however we was the sexiest and nicest one  😊

170611SM2378To end up, we could replenish with an apple or a banana.  In normal conditions, we could also had some water, however, due to the heat, water unfortunately ran out quit between the main events, even though there were a pretty decent quantity of bottles.

To sum up with, despite the muggy day, it was an amazing, funny and great event, where the most important thing were running.  Many people got the chance to run unusual distances, if they don’t usually do speed runs, beat his PR and see what they were capable of.

Photos: NRC


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